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Christmas is only one week away! How crazy is that? This year has gone so incredibly fast that it seems like only a few weeks ago that we had Christmas last year. In the spirit of Christmas, I want to give you some awesome information and great opportunity for helping you live your most successful and happy life. Christmas Present For those that are part of the exclusive Action Team (you can still join us here), you know just how hard I am working on our Change Your Life course that is to be released in January. The great thing is, your feedback and input has been so invaluable that I know it’s going to make a huge difference in your life. Thank you so much for getting your fingerprints all over this thing! It’s going to make a huge difference in the lives of many of our readers. With Christmas only one week away, I want to give you the opportunity to grab the Change Your Life course for absolutely free! Not only that, I want to let you know about a couple of other offers from Scott Dinsmore and Barrie Davenport, two experts that help others create lives living off their passion. I have recently had the good fortune of being able to get to know both Scott and Barrie, and they are making absolutely huge shifts in the world of passion. In the spirit of Christmas, I'm more than happy to give you guys a number of free christmas giveaways!  

Christmas Giveaway #1: “The Passion Myths: 6 Lies Keeping You From Uncovering Your Life Passion”

Barrie Davenport The Passion Myths: 6 Lies Keeping You From Uncovering Your Life Purpose, is an eBook written by Barrie Davenport. For those that don’t know, Barrie is one of the world’s leading coaches on helping people uncover their passions and live a life of purpose. She is regularly featured on many top personal development sites and is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I recently asked Barrie a question to get an insight into her own passions and goals:

“What has been your biggest achievement and/or learning in 2012?

What is your biggest goal for 2013 and how will you achieve it?”.

My biggest achievement for 2012 was launching a new website,, an expert site devoted specifically to helping people uncover and live their life passions. This launch has been thrilling for me as so many of my readers on my original blog, Live Bold and Bloom, have expressed a real hunger to find something that makes them come alive. Also, while preparing the new site, I have written a book called The 52-Week Life Passion Project. It provides weekly lessons and actions to help readers learn more about who they are, what they want in life, and how to go about getting it. My biggest goal for 2013 is to continue to grow my readership at and to create and launch my course called The Path to Passion. Growing my readership evolves from writing really useful articles, connecting personally with my readers, and writing guest posts for other related sites. Creating the course involves the daily discipline to work on it over the next few months. Setting a public deadline for the course to launch helps keep me accountable!
I can't recommend Barrie's work enough. She is breaking ground in the world of Living Your Passion and to be able to get her free eBook is something I highly recommend you do! Grab your free Christmas giveaway now: The Passion Myths: 6 Lies Keeping You From Uncovering Your Life Passion  

Christmas Giveaway #2: “Live Off Your Passion” course at a 35% discount, PLUS our very own Change Your Life course thrown in for free!

Scott Dinsmore For those that don’t know Scott Dinsmore, he is a man on a mission of changing the world by helping people find and do work they love. He has recently spoken at TEDx in San Francisco and the video has been viewed by 100,000 people at the time of writing this (it was only published 3 weeks ago!). Scott also created the award-winning Live Off Your Passion course. I asked Scott the same question as I asked Barrie to get an insight into his own passions and goals.

“What has been your biggest achievement and/or learning in 2012?

What is your biggest goal for 2013 and how will you achieve it?”.

My biggest learning is to set goals that are in your control. Don't set a goal to get 10,000 customers or followers, set a goal to write a certain number of articles a week for other sites, which will eventually get the word out and likely get you to that 10k. Same goes for fitness or anything. Do the actions consistent with losing weight but don't focus on the actual weight. Eat the right things and put in the miles, etc. The other results will follow.  Big plan for 2k13: To give our community at Live Your Legend the tools to allow each member to become their own leader of our movement to get the world to do the work that makes them come alive and to have live in-person events held in 20 countries. That's when we can really start to change the world.
  Scott’s Live Off Your Passion course was the winner of the Best Personal Development Product for 2011. In fact, it has been so successful and changed the lives of over 1,000 individuals that it is going up in price by 35%, or $70 on the 1st January 2013. I wanted to give you plenty of time as a heads up to be able to get this award-winning program at a discounted rate. Live Off Your Passion The Live Off Your Passion course is the first course of its kind to give you the exact repeatable process and proven framework for finding your passions, choosing the most lucrative option and building a career around doing work that genuinely excites you. For further details on the course, click here.   If you buy before the end of this year, you will get:
  • The course for $70 less than it will be from Jan. 1 2013
  • Free updates for life - even after the price goes up and new content is added
  • No questions asked Discover Your Passion Guarantee - you can return it risk free any time
  • Access to a live video webinar early next year where Scott will be discussing the key challenges in living off your passion and how to deal with them and he will answer any and all questions - only LOYP buyers will be able to attend
  • The standard huge repository of 12+ expert videos and interviews, workbooks, bonuses and all the normal components of the course
Not only that, if you purchase the Live Off Your Passion course through this link, I am going to throw in our very own Change Your Life course when it is released in January for absolutely free.   Why would I be giving this away for free? Both Barrie and Scott are trusted experts with proven track records in living off your passion. I’m a massive fan of their work and it links in absolutely perfectly with what we are doing here at The Start of Happiness. Living off your passion is all about being happy and successful. This is exactly our message on The Start of Happiness. Both Barrie’s and Scott’s work is complementary to our Change Your Life course. I’m more than happy to throw the course in for free for you guys to make sure you get a tonne of value to ensure that 2013 is the year that you change your life! Grab your copy of the award winning Live Off Your Passion before it goes up 35% and get the Change Your Life course for free.    

Christmas Giveaway #3: WIN a free copy of Barrie Davenport’s new book, The 52-Week Life Passion Project.

Yes that’s right, not only is Barrie’s eBook - The Passion Myths: 6 Lies Keeping You From Uncovering Your Life Passion for free, I’m also giving you the chance to win a copy of her new book The 52-Week Life Passion Project as well as a copy of the supporting workbook. You have the choice whether you prefer getting the physical paperback or to get it instantly via the .pdf version. The 52-Week Life Passion Project provides the strategies and tools to help you live a life of passion by giving you weekly guides and asking you the right questions to elicit your passion. The supporting workbook provides a tonne of powerful, actionable exercises each week of the year to help you stay motivated, stay on track and create a long-term life full of passion.  Life Passion Project How can you win a free copy of the book? Pretty simple! All you have to do to enter the competition is to share this post on either Facebook or Twitter. You can use the share buttons at the bottom or the top of this post. As simple as that! One click will enter you in the competition for your chance to win a free copy of the book. This is probably the easiest competition ever, but I’m not here to make people’s lives hard. It’s Christmas! :) The competition will run up until midnight on Sunday, 23rd December. There is less than one week to enter this competition so it's going to be a fast one with great opportunity for you to win. I will announce the winner of the book next week. Sharing is caring. So feel free to share this post and go into the draw to win your free copy of The 52-Week Life Passion Project.  

Wrapping Up

I hope you have enjoyed these Christmas giveaways. The information provided in all of the above is absolutely worth spending some time going through. It can change your life, literally. If you don't have the time now, feel free to download the free offers and go through them at a more suitable time in your own leisure. Only one more week to go. I'm excited! The countdown to Christmas begins! Brendan P.S. With 2013 only a couple of weeks away, it's important that you start planning for what will be your most successful and happy year. I'll be sharing with you some strategies that I personally use for doing this shortly. P.P.S. Don't forget to share this post and enter the draw to win the 52-Week Life Passion Project! You can do that by clicking a share button below. Image

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