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The Happiness Toolkit is your free online resource to help you live your most successful and fulfilling life. With real strategies and tools to implement into your life you can start making positive changes today.

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Currently in the Toolkit:

  • Module 1 of the Change Your Life Program – How to Reflect on Your Life and Set Yourself Up For Success. Includes free guides and templates for your use.
  • The 5 Whys Template: A quck tool for creating sustained motivation for pursuing your goals.
  • The First 6 Steps For Creating Change In Your Life.
  • The 8 Habits of Healthy Living
  • 7 Little Things That Can Make Your Life Effortless
  • The Seven Secrets to Happiness. This is a book donated by one of America’s most successful coaches, Alan Allard to help you gain insight into 7 simple and effective strategies for living happy and fulfilled each day.
  • Happiness Manifesto Template. Create your own manifesto to pin up on your wall and refer to daily.
  • Wheel of Life – A Self Assessment Tool. Download templates for completing your Wheel of Life with instructional guides and action plan. The Wheel of Life can help you understand the balance in your life and determine ways of improving where you spend your time and energy.
  • Various Recommended Books
  • Various Recommended Tools. These tools are hosted on other websites and are useful for becoming more productive, successful and fulfilled. 



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Brand New to the Success and Happiness Toolkit:

Download the first module of the Change Your Life program absolutely free.

Change Your Life

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