Welcome to the Private Mastermind!

I’m so excited to be connecting with you to finish 2016 strong and set ourselves up for success in 2017. We are going to SMASH it!

Here are the details:


  1. 1st Dec, Wednesday (7pm EST, 4pm PST)
  2. 8th Dec, Wednesday (7pm EST, 4pm PST)
  3. 15th Dec, Wednesday (7pm EST, 4pm PST)
  4. 22nd Dec, Wednesday (7pm EST, 4pm PST)
  5. 29th Dec, Wednesday (7pm EST, 4pm PST)
  6. 5th Jan, Wednesday (7pm EST, 4pm PST)


Google Hangouts. I’ll send you the link to join prior.


My plan is for us to work together to flesh out the following:

  • December challenge to finish strong
  • Get absolute clarity on what you want in life
  • Set clear, sharp, measurable goals for 2017
  • Break these goals down into quarters
  • Create a strategy and action plan for hitting our goals
  • Focus on creating and embedding successful habits
  • Focus on mindset and beliefs, removing any self-limiting beliefs
  • Cleanse our plate – know what we need to STOP doing in order for us to succeed

The plan is to hit the ground running from January 1st!



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