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The Launch Your Life Academy is now open for enrolment. The Academy builds upon the previous Change Your Life program that we had, with amazingly positive feedback and this has now been enhanced to bring members a secure online training portal, expert video training and interviews, downloadable resources, guides and exercises and a support forum for the Academy members to share their experiences, support each other and grow together.

When you refer someone who successfully registers for the Academy, you will receive 50% on each sale.

Regular Price: $197 (affiliates receive $98.50 for each member referred). There may be times when special promotions take place where the Academy is at a lower price than this. You will always receive a 50% commission of the sale price.


How to Start Earning Commissions:

We’re selling through ClickBank. All you need is a free account with ClickBank.

Once you have an account, simply log in to ClickBank and get your ClickBank ID to make your affiliate hop link.

Your affiliate link should look like the following:

Just replace “AFFILIATE-ID” in the link above with your ClickBank ID.



Sales page:

Sample communications (email, twitter, Facebook) and product overview: Download now


Promoting to Your Audience

Please see the product.pdf above or you can download it here for sample communications (email, twitter, Facebook) for your audience.

If you would like to interview me to support your communications please let me know and we can lock it in. If you would like me to support in any other way with communications (such as support with a guest post) please also let me know now and we can lock it in.

If you have a community or audience that you would like to run a competition for and promote the Academy, I am more than happy for you to provide a member of your audience with free access as a winning prize.

You can contact me directly at

I encourage you to make use of this, I’m here to help!







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I look forward to helping you make a difference and earn an income from our partnership!

Here’s to helping others live amazingly successful, happy and fulfilling lives!




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