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Brendan Baker: From near death experience to creating a life of purpose


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032: Brendan Baker: The Start Of Happiness Is To Head Outdside

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S1E17: Launch Your Life with Brendan Baker – Part 2


S1E16: Launch Your Life with Brendan Baker – Part 1


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Interview with Jo Casey, Jan 2014

Interview on NewsTalk 1290 CJBK Radio, London, Ontario, Jan 2014

Be an Inspiration: The Start of Happiness Be a Light to the World Jan 2014

Interview on Live Your Life Now Show Live Your Life Now Dec 2013

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13 Experts Share How They Shake Off Failure, Dump Discouragement and Persevere Shake Off the Grind Dec 2013

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The Experts Panel: Sharing Their Wisdom on Money and Happiness Oct 2013

Success and Happiness: Can You Have One Without the Other? Empowering the 80 Percent Oct 2013

Start Your Happiness Webinar The Leadership Dojo Oct 2013

Mention in article on Goals Benedetta Craft Oct 2013

Expert Advice: 11 Tips For Boosting Your Daily Happiness The Health Sessions June 2013

It’s Never Too Late, Change is Always Possible SimpleMindfulness March 2013

Top Posts of January 2013 The 7 Minute Entrepreneur Jan 2013

Evolving Being in Action – Brendan Baker Evolving Beings Oct 2012



January 2014 2013

The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself Everyday Tiny Buddha

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting New Year Resolutions Positive Intuition

How to Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick Get Motivation


December 2013

The 5-Step Process for Making Your 2014 Goals Stick Change Blog

5 Essential Steps to Setting New Year Resolutions You Will Actually Achieve Dumb Little Man


October 2013

4 Strategies to Minimize Job Hunt Stress Careerealism

Gen Y Power! 3 Strengths Millenials Have in the Workplace YouTern


September 2013

The Number 1 Productivity Hack That Will Change Your Life DumbLittleMan

You Should Know These 8 Answers Before Your Job Interview LifeHack

3 Advantages Gen Y Employees Have in the Workplace Brazen Careerist

How to Get a Graduate Job With No Experience The Undercover Recruiter


April 2013

5 Simple Questions to Help Conduct Your Own Personal Performance Review (BarrieDavenport)


March 2013

Catch Public Transport! A Hidden Gem for Heightened Productivity (Lifehack)


January 2013

5 Goal-Setting Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2012 (DumbLittleMan)

How to Make 2013 the Best Year of Your Life (Lifehack)


December 2012

How to Reflect on 2012 and Set Yourself Up For Success in 2013 (Lifehack)

The Secret Ingredients for Living Your Passion Everyday (Pickthebrain)


November 2012

3 Reasons You Should Give a Hug to ANnone and Everyone (Lifehack)


October 2012

3 Must-Do Strategies for Building Momentum in Life (LifeHack)

How to Build Self-Discipline – The 6 Key Elements (Dumb Little Man)

Evolving Being in Action – Brendan Baker (Evolving Beings)



10 Things You Need to Learn to Live a Super-Happy Life (Lifehack)

The 5 Essential Ingredients for Experiencing Flow on a Daily Basis (Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life)

7 Awesome Things You Can Do for Building Social-Confidence and Social-Leadership (Pick The Brain)

When Being Too Passionate is a BAD Thing! (Grow With Stacy)



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