Changing Your Mindset

“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

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My last post on The Start of Happiness discussed how money can’t buy happiness, but happiness can get you money. I have also previously discussed 4 key strategies for turning your passion into a thriving lifestyle.

Today, I am super-excited to introduce you to Sarupa Shah who has been able to create a life of happiness through a simple change of perception and mindset. It’s deep… so take it away Sarupa!



I don’t know about you but I didn’t go into business to simply make ends meet. I went into business because I believed so passionately in wanting to change the world.

Something strange happened though in all my attempts to live and work my passions. Initially I always went from a job; earning really well, having excellent work/non-work boundaries to earning very little.

It was almost like I was embarrassed to broach or think about money when it came to my business. It seemed crude as well as the fact I just felt I had to be grateful for the pittance I allowed myself to earn. It was a martyr type of energy. Serving no-one really!


Is your money story wonky?

When I started out tinkering with my own business I started seeing healing clients at home and running a meditation evening once a week.

Looking back I have no idea where any clients came from as the internet wasn’t such a feature for my business and social media was not even a term.

I guess now I can see that was the power of manifestation and the law of attraction working. Although it wasn’t working that well as for the first few years of my attempts to break free from being employed to working in my own business I hardly made enough to survive.  I hot-stepped between the two and used paid employment to boost my income, give me a buffer and the ability to travel the world and attend training with some of the Hay House greats.

Of course I resented being in employment. It was bad, it was wrong. Yet I was desperately hopeless when it came to my business. Loved what I did but it was not going to sustain me the way it was panning out.

I buried my head in sand and believed that one magical day my spiritual connections and belief would make my business work.

I believed I must have been real bad in past lives and this was God/the universe’s way of making me pay back for my other lives misdemeanours.

The fact that I believed that made me feel like a fraud, about believing I could change the world or that I had anything of value to offer.

I just didn’t believe in me on so many levels yet on others I did.

I even told myself the world was not ready for me…

Yup it was getting that bad!


I had to build a bridge that took me away from this pattern.

Changing Your Mindset

Even in this desperation, confusion and if I am honest some ‘pig-headedness’  – one day I had to fess up to myself that the way it was, was simply not working.

I had to tell myself the truth.

I was making up nonsense and creating illusionary beliefs to justify why I was stuck and not enjoying ‘the’ abundance that I dreamt of and knew in my core as possible.

You will be pleased to know that luckily and thankfully it was never about anything other than me shifting my perception about me, business and money. In fact it ended up very easy to grow my business and bank balance, live the dream and do what I love in a way that remains authentic and expanding.


There was no God or Universal conspiracy!

After telling the truth to myself, I knew I had to take full responsibility for being successful and as a spiritual anorak I made a conscious choice to resolve this.

  • I stopped making my ‘employment stints’ wrong or bad. Instead I made peace and accepted that it was the way it was and it was a gift to be able to bring in money. In embracing the wholeness of me I stopped making money bad and feeling like I was hot-stepping between two worlds, the world where my passions existed and the other material (aka corporate) world!

I will let you in on the divine joke; once you accept what you have been fighting to change rather than keep fighting it, the change you desire and long for comes easily and effortlessly!


  • I stopped making learning to be creative my number one priority that was not the most important challenge. The task was to become business savvy with heart and I embraced healing my own money story which was of course wrapped up in my own self-worth story. What was fascinating for me and in truth this comes up even now when I go deeper on this healing journey is the fact that as a healer and channel I held a strong belief that in doing God’s work in this way I should transcend money because it was (a) man-made and (b) wrong to charge, it made me greedy and ungracious. Of course that was and is poppy cock!

Focussing on what you want to grow with a two pronged approach; heal while acting in alignment with the new patterns you are creating and building is a strong and powerful catalyst for change.


  • I started to have more fun. I had let life become such a soap opera. It was a dual; I either was doing well in employment but hating it and myself for having to ‘go back’ or struggling while trying to get my business off the ground. There was no room for fun as I had forgotten how to have fun. I was fighting living, fighting joy and having an inner war because I thought I was a failure and a fraud.

If it’s not fun then make it fun or stop doing it and that includes worry, stress, criticism, judgement of self or others etc. because that is impacting on your ability to hold the light and attract the best life.

As I shared, I still live by these steps as old patterns that have been held, maybe carved into ones soul, can have a habit of resurfacing and each time I go deeper the outcomes and results are more profound and exciting. You know the saying dive deep to reach high…?

How are you taking responsibility without blame for transforming an area of your life or business?



Sarupa Shah is an award winning, celebrities Soul Agent and the owner and founder of The Soul Agency. The Soul Agency works with entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe who want to put soul and spirit back to where it matters and create a legacy of love for the planet while living with unlimited abundance. Her particular passion is to show women how to heal their relationship with money and get on with changing the world!


To learn more visit or

About the author 

Brendan Baker

Brendan Baker is Australia's leading personal development blogger and and helps people build and grow online businesses based on their passions. He has created the Launch Your Life Academy and Your First 1000 Subscribers. Connect with Brendan: Twitter, Facebook, Google+

Brendan Baker is Australia's leading personal development blogger and and helps people build and grow online businesses based on their passions. He has created the Launch Your Life Academy and Your First 1000 Subscribers. Connect with Brendan: Twitter, Facebook, Google+

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  1. This piece is incredible. The power of the mind is a great tool either manipulated to promote or demote. Thereby, the choice of path is all yours to choose. I choose to build that bridge.

    Thank you for your words of inspiration. It has been really impactful.

  2. Wonderful goods from you, man. I’ve understand your
    stuff previous to and you’re simply too wonderful.
    I actually like what you’ve obtained right here, really like what you’re stating
    and the way in which through which you say it.
    You are making it entertaining and you still care for to keep
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  3. A nice post Sarupa. I really liked the way you wrote it. Its true anybody can get to their dreams by changing their mindset. I am following this advice, that I got from my father since 5 years. And I see growth in my dream and business. Thank you for reminding me of my father.

  4. I think one of the best books written when it comes to mindset was written by Carol Dweck, a Stanford University professor. The book is titled “Mindset” and is definitely a valuable read. I find that the process of changing my perspective takes practice and more practice. Having a mentorship or someone you trust to keep you honest through the process is a great asset as well =)

    1. Hi Kael…will check the book out and yes it is practice, I was talking to my spiritual teacher last week and she said something to me about new habits – you have to be different and not go back to the shell you are trying to dissolve for old patterns and it was quite profound in its simplicity – as indeed do it differently, be different and that will get you a new route and outcome… thanks for taking time to reach out and comment 😉

  5. Hey Sarupa,
    I love the way you succeeded despite all the challenges. Never giving-up pays off in the end. But I believe the more interesting point is switching from fighting to honestly embracing challenges in a constructive way. It’s so true….However, sometimes is hard to get into that moment in which you realize fighting and struggling will not get you very far. Hopefully your post will enable many of us to reach that “a-ha” moment.

    Talk soon,

    1. Hi Cornel, thanks for your comments 😉 It is hard…well appears that way but my motto for the last few years is … do despite and before you know struggle is a very distant memory…as I remind myself and anyone who will listen, it’s a choice, everything is a choice…. 😉

  6. I worked in a caring profession all my life. Early on I established the mindset of not working for money. When it entered my mind in decision making I ushered the thought away. I agree with you; It is almost as if the right intention manifests the necessary return. There always was enough. We all depend of others who similarly require adequate compensation and we have those, family and colleagues, who depend on us. Unfortunately money is necessary. Greed is not. Somehow, greed gets in the way of earning well.

    1. Hi Joe, thanks for your comments…I don’t believe there is anything unfortunate about money…it is simply love manifest into matter…greed on the other hand is out of balance and is born from the energy of lack…and anything off balance will return to balance, it’s all about learning and growing and living the truth that abundance is the reality of our universe and claiming it is our divine birthright as well as inheritance… 😉

  7. Great post! I can definitely relate to the struggle of doing what you love vs. doing what pays. There really is no need for the two to be at odds, but for so many of us it is. And if you’ve been stuck in one thought pattern for your entire life regarding work and money, it can be damn near impossible to get out of it.

    But we must. It’s a limiting belief and will hold us back as surely as any other.

    Thanks for sharing your own past struggle Sarupa. It’s always nice to see that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.


    1. Hi Trevor, thank you for your lovely comments…I learned too that I know longer talk of tunnel as … well we often make them too long 😉 beauty of life is anything and everything is possible…it’s the best affirmation one can keep ;_

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