Why do you care about what others think of you?

Seriously, think about it. You care about what your family thinks about you. You care about what your friends think about you. Sometimes, you even care about what complete strangers think about you.

Now although it is obviously important to consider what your family thinks of you, caring intensely about judgments from people outside your inner circle is a bad habit.

Caring deeply about other people’s judgments about you will lead you down a life of regret, depression, and constant need for approval. You will always be looking to try and impress everyone, just to be met with disapproval.

I believe trying to “fit in” and be “normal” brings about this behavior. Trying to be normal is what the majority of society wants you to do. Society wants you to be just like everyone else.

Although society may disgrace you because you are not following the “social norm,” so to speak, you were created to be different. You were created to be you and live the life that you want to live. You were not created to live the life that someone else planned for you.


Here are 5 reasons why you should stop caring what other people think of you, and begin embracing who you really are.


1. You are different.

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You are unique. Your creator made you different from everyone else for a reason. He gave you a different face, a different soul, and a different personality.

In order to live up to the potential that your creator instilled in you, you must unleash your inner personality. Let it shine through and let the world know who you really are. Stop caring what everyone else may think of you if you really open up. Be you, be brave!

2. You are in charge of your own life


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At the end of the day, you run your life, not someone else. If you let someone else run your life, you will quickly find that they do not have much planned for you. People are more worried about their own lives than your life.

If you let them take control of your life, whether it is intentionally or unintentionally, they will lead you down a path to nowhere. Go out and make your own decisions and stop letting other make them for you!

3. You do not have to care what others think of you – that’s their business, not yours

What others think of you is their business. What you think of others is your business. It is none of your business to care what others think of you. Just as it is none of someone else’s business to care what you think of them.

If someone doesn’t like you, they don’t like you, and you can’t change that. The only way to really change that is to pretend to be someone that you are not. Do not try and be someone you aren’t though. You do you, and let the person that you are continue to shine through.

4. You should disregard all negative opinions that come your way

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From time to time, people may express their negative opinion of you, whether it is to your face or online. It is important to not let this kind of situation escalate.

If it escalates, you are just feeding the person who is expressing their opinion to you. They’re looking to try and defeat you. If you stand up to them and try and argue with them, they’ll just keep arguing with you.

In order to disregard all negative commentary that you receive, you must ignore what they are saying. Let them express their opinion, but don’t give it a moment’s thought. Treat them like they aren’t even there and they’ll quickly go away.

5. You should stop trying to please everyone

This is one that I need to practice more! It’s unrealistic. Trying to please everyone is like trying to be a different person to everyone that you know or will meet.

Everyone has a different personality; therefore different things will appeal to them. If you try to please everyone, you will quickly find that it is an impossible task to accomplish.

You do one thing that makes one person happy, just to see someone else give you hate for doing so. You then try to please that person by apologizing and agreeing with them. After that, someone else may look down upon you for being weak and apologizing. It’s an endless cycle of negativity.

It’s much easier to just focus on the people that really care about who you are and what you want to say, not what someone else is telling you to say. Be you, and if they actually do care about you, they will accept who you are and won’t have anything negative to say about it.

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So stop caring what other people think of you. They do not run your life, you do! Once you begin to realize this and actually start living the life that YOU want to live, you will live a life that is filled with happiness. Go out there and start living!

Good luck and I hope you start being who you really are today, with no regrets.

To Your Success!

About the author 

Euan Swan

Euan is a personal development blogger. He enjoys writing about self development, motivation, success, inspiration, life, and growth on his blog over at My Track to Success . Euan believes that taking action is the only way to overcome your fears and develop a strong mentality.

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  1. Hi, This is a topic that should be taught in our school. We all need it, but majority miss it.
    And probably this thinking of what others think has caused more harm to mankind than all the natural calamity combined.
    A good post on a great topic.

  2. Hey., As you explained in You do not have to care what others think of you – that’s their business, not yours. That’s the main reason why now a days people getting drops the mind in single thing.So mind is getting fluctuated over and over.Why this happening >>??

  3. This is a challenge for me on a daily basis, especially in my work environment. Everyone is constantly trying to outshine each other. I try to stay positive and I also use affirmations to remind myself that whatever people think are really their business, not mine, just like the third point in your article.

    1. TM, my advice is to not focus on how well other people are performing in the work environment. Instead, focus on yourself and the work that you are doing. Once you stop comparing yourself to how well others are doing, you will stop worrying about whether or not you are performing as well as your colleagues.

  4. Motivating post! These are some things we can all benefit from being reminded about!

    The only reason I can see for why you should care about what others think is if you depend on those people for something. For instance, you might want to care what you boss thinks about you since he signs your paycheck.

    I find that this approach to “not caring what others think” actually helps give you some perspective. Because once you realize that most people are completely irrelevant to your life, you stop caring so much about pleasing them.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Mathias, I agree with your stance about caring what your boss thinks (that of course is important and something I could have attached to caring what your family thinks of you). I believe as long as you only care about what your “inner circle” thinks, you will live a much happier life. Thank you for the comment!

  5. Joseph W Stasaitis says:

    Very well said about this most important topic that often holds people back from expressing their true talents.

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