An essential ingredient for super-happiness in life is discovering personal mastery. Personal mastery is something that we all want to achieve, whether we know it or not. It is about our journey towards continuous improvement and seeing life from a different perspective. Personal mastery is guided by principles such as purpose, vision, belief, commitment and knowing oneself. Ultimately, personal mastery is about understanding exactly how you think, why you do things the way you do, having clarity around your purpose and direction in life and taking steps towards continual learning and development to evolve and enhance oneself. It is not something that is achieved overnight, but rather something that each and every one of us strive towards in our journey of life, fostering a more satisfying, successful, happier and fulfilling life.


“Personal mastery goes beyond competence and skills… it means approaching one’s life as a creative work, living life from a creative as opposed to a reactive viewpoint.”


Understanding Yourself
The foundation of the journey towards personal mastery is taking steps to really understand yourself. Understanding your personality, your beliefs, your values, why you do things the way you do, why you make the choices and decisions in your life and knowing your strengths and areas for development is important as it gives you the power of meta-cognition, the ability to think about thinking and ultimately help you shape the way you want to move forward on your journey towards personal mastery.

Personal Vision and Purpose
Personal mastery is about living a life with purpose and meaning. Personal mastery is about knowing where you want to go and how you’re going to get there, it’s like sailing through the ocean with the confidence and ability to set your compass, read your map and push full throttle until you reach your sacred island with the gold. A life without purpose and meaning is like sailing through the ocean with no direction and hoping that you may find an island that is good for you. Finding your purpose is the epitome of achieving personal mastery.

Loving Oneself
Personal mastery is about being able to love yourself for who you are and being able to express yourself in its fullest. When you are realising personal mastery, you are not ashamed to say what you truly think and have full belief in yourself. Personal mastery is about having the confidence to express who you are and love every aspect of it.

Personal mastery is about being disciplined and being about to commit to your goals and stay on your journey. Your journey of personal mastery may change over time, and that’s ok, but it’s about you setting your journey and not being swept away with the waves.

Proactive Behaviour
Personal mastery helps to build proactive behaviour. You are reactive when you do not understand yourself, you do not understand your direction and you do not know where you want to go or how you want to get there. As you take the journey of personal mastery and you start to build your understanding and awareness of these, you will become more proactive and pick up pace towards where it is that you want to go.

Contribution to Others
Personal mastery is not just about understand oneself, but also about being able to contribute back to society and to others. It is about understanding how you can best help the lives of others and taking steps towards achieving this.

Positive Attitude
Personal mastery is about having the right mental attitude to make decisions and take action in your life. It is about seeing the best in yourself, in others and the world in general. Personal mastery is about converting negative energy into positive energy, shaping your thoughts and thinking positively and powerfully.

Overcoming Fears
Personal mastery is about understanding your fears and taking steps to overcome them. It is about being able to reframe your thinking and shaping challenges as opportunities. The journey towards personal mastery takes away the fear, eliminates any self-limiting beliefs you have had in your life and enhances your confidence, leading to a strong sense of self-belief.

Balance in Life
Personal mastery is about balancing your life and ensuring you are experiencing and giving everything that is important to you. When you are realising personal mastery, you are more aware of your time and energy and how you are spending that time and energy. Personal mastery helps you to make better decisions on where to spend your time and energy so you can balance your life more effectively.

Achieving Success
Personal mastery helps you achieve absolute success in whatever it is that you pursue. When you start to truly understand and behave within the principles of personal mastery, you will start to see your success accelerate. Understanding yourself, knowing what your purpose is, thinking positively and utilising your talents, skills and strengths are sure-fire ways to guide you on your path to personal mastery and ultimately achieve success.

Absolute Happiness
Personal mastery is about achieving absolute happiness in life. Happiness is, and ought to be, the ultimate goal of life. Your journey towards personal mastery is about finding what truly makes you happy, and living this out on a daily basis. If you can achieve this, then this is a massive step towards attaining personal mastery.

Ultimately, personal mastery is about creating your own life and driving your own destiny. You are in the drivers seat. You can make any choice you want to. Personal mastery is the journey towards understanding yourself, knowing where you want to go, and continual learning and development to help you achieve absolute happiness, success and life fulfillment.


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Where are you on the path to Personal Mastery? Which areas do you feel you have mastered? Which areas have you struggled with? What’s the focus in your life right now for achieving personal mastery?

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Brendan Baker

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  1. Very thought provoking Brendan, out of interest are these all your original thoughts or are you combining a number of things that you read into the blog?

    My main constructive point of feedback here is how do you feel as individuals we achieve personal mastery or is it a matter of combining and continually developing the above attributes i.e.absolute happiness, balance in life etc..


    1. Hi Jef!

      Posts are all my own thoughts based on what I have learned, read and practiced over the years.

      To me, acheiving Personal Mastery is a continuous journey of self-improvement, but its underpinned by the two key elements of knowing yourself and knowing your purpose. If you can find and understand this, then building on the other attributes helps you achieve what it is you want to do. However, is just achieving your purpose good enough? Its the ‘how’ you go about achieving that throughout life where the other elements of personal mastery fall into place. They are also tools for helping you achieve your purpose. If you can strike the balance and achieve them all, now THAT is a life you want to live!

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