How to Conduct Your Personal Mid-Year Review

Personal Mid-Year Review

How often do you take the time out to really reflect on how you are progressing towards your goals for the year? Now that we are at the half-way point of the year, it's the perfect time to conduct your own personal mid-year review!   Why Conduct a Personal Mid-Year Review? Conducting a mid-year review gives you the time and space necessary to evaluate your progress towards your goals. Without taking the time out to reflect, how do you know whether your decisions, behavior and … [Read more...]

Eating for Happiness: The Invisible Link Between Food & Your Mood

eating for happiness

Fad diets come and go, but one thing always stays the same: your body needs proper nutrition in order to function properly. When you don’t get proper nutrients, there are consequences – one of which is negative effects on your mood and the way you feel. Besides feeling sluggish after overeating or loading up on sugars or unhealthy fats, you probably feel guilty. There’s a very obvious connection between the foods you eat and the way you feel. But there’s also something deeper at play. Some … [Read more...]

10 Crazy Ideas to Motivate Yourself in 5 Minutes


Life is like a roller-coaster. It has its fair share of ups and downs. Sometimes it can be fun and wonderful and other times sad and challenging. The beauty of life lies in its unpredictability. If we could always predict what was going to be thrown at us it would take away life’s charm. In today’s time when the world around us is moving at lightning speeds and we are constantly being buried under the immense pressures of expectation, responsibilities, wants and needs of our employers, family … [Read more...]

4 Ways a Book Can Change Your Life

Books that will change your life

  Research shows that 81% of people say they have at least one book in them according to the New York Times. For most of my life I was one of those people. I loved to write as far back as I could remember but gave up that dream when I got older. As I got close to graduating High School I told myself I had to “get real.” I wanted a high six-figure a year paying job, nice cars, and everything else the “American Dream” involved. I put my dream of being a writer on the back burner to … [Read more...]

How the Internet Leverages Our Natural Talents and Society Does Not

Internet Talents

When I decided to become self employed, my friends and family told me not to do it. They told me to stay in my job or, if I wasn't satisfied with my current job,  to search for a new job.It took months for them to understand that I just wasn’t made to be an employee. We discussed over and over again whether becoming self employed is the right decision or whether I should go the traditional way of being employed.To me it was clear, that I didn’t want to be employed for the rest of my life and … [Read more...]

How I Went From Idea to $4,000 in 6 Weeks

From Idea to Income

Hey, Last week I bought a new house! It’s absolutely amazing… Sylvia and I can’t wait to move in to our new home in just a few weeks. Over the last couple of years the Sydney property market has been going bananas and we were never really thinking about buying a new home because of the crazy prices… but we decided to start looking 4 weeks ago and what do ya know, we bought one! Aside from that, I’ve been super-busy the last 6 weeks working on my Gradrecruit business. Gradrecruit helps … [Read more...]

5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Changed My Life

Changed My Life

When I look at my life today compared to one year ago, I can’t believe how much that has changed. At this time a year back, I had recently found out about a friend’s suicide and I was struggling with getting back into my ‘normal’ routine. I was living in Paris at the time and everyday, instead of finding my way back, I became more and more uncomfortable with my situation. Finally I had reached a point where I knew my current situation was unsustainable. I had to change, and I had to change … [Read more...]