Success is directly related to the thoughts that you have in your head. But thoughts aren’t enough. It also comes down to the action that you take. When you combine positive and constructive thoughts with action and discipline, you’re well on your way to achieving your goals. Today, we have a guest post from Zak Khan from Daywriter who shares with us 10 promises you must make to yourself to live a successful and fulfilling life.

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Enter Zak 

The idea behind making a promise is to be a man or woman of your word and honor such promises. It not only defines you as a person but builds a level of trust and discipline within yourself which in turn contributes to your self-image and confidence. Below, I outline 10 promises you must make to yourself in order to live a successful and fulfilling life.


1. I promise never to give up

It’s not an easy promise to keep but giving up is the same as taking the easy way out which isn’t the route to be taking. Trying and failing is better than failing to try. There are lessons to be learnt from both failure and success. The only way to experience and learn these lessons is through your will to keep trying and never give up.


2. I promise to stay true to who I am

Chances are you will be faced with decisions that will test you. These tests may require decision making that could define the person that you are. It is at times like these that you remember Who you are, the values you stand for and the teachings of your elders. Don’t lower your standards, stoop low or attempt to be someone you shall dislike.


3. I promise to respect and be trustworthy

Respect and trust are 2 features that strengthen the bond of any relationship. It is the bonds we have that keep us grounded, remind us of our humanity and hold us up when we are destined to fall. Respect and Trust is but a 2 Way Street – what you give to others is what others will give to you.


4. I promise that I will love without holding onto baggage

Heartbreak and betrayal is hard to avoid as a whole, we’re all bound to experience it a few times in our lives but it is these past memories of heartbreaks and betrayal that should not influence the way we give our love to those in our present and in our future. Leave the past where it belongs – In the Past!


5. I promise to pursue my dreams

Dreams are what gives a person purpose, without them we are just wondering around aimlessly. It’s saddening and disheartening to meet so many people that give up on their dreams and never being able to grab the opportunity again. If you have a desire and passion for something, go and get it, live your dream and live happy.


6. I promise not to be a control freak

It’s sort of compelling and obsessive to try and control everything in your life, make sure everything goes according to the way you plan it but don’t forget that the greatest of planners is God. You can’t control every single element in your life because all it does is kill any room for spontaneity.


7. I promise to have fun

We get so caught up in everything else that we forget what it feels like to simply have fun. It’s why we remember life as a kid being so wonderful compared to being an adult. Have fun – do the things that make you laugh hysterically or scared out of your wits. Let loose and Live.


8. I promise to celebrate small wins

Yes, we work so hard on the bigger picture that the small things we accomplish are just brushed off. Celebrate every little win and accomplishment and give meaning to them. It’s in these little victories that we are able to get up after every fall and continue walking on.


9. I promise to believe in myself

If no one else will, why don’t you? The biggest investment you can ever make in life is the investment you make in yourself. Things may not always pan out but the beauty of it is that you will never lose out on the person that you are. Work at believing in your talents, your great qualities, go out there and seize the moment. You have 1 life, spend it believing in your abilities and achieving everything you put your mind to.


10. I promise to always cherish my loved ones

Life alone is lonely….if that makes sense. We as humans together create a complete team. This team creates new members and so forth. We are all dependent on each other to exist, most importantly, the family and ones you love. Treat them with love, respect and honor. Cherish these people you have in your life, there are people out there who don’t have anyone.


Remember these promises you make to yourself and it will shape you into a fine individual. Most of all, it will make you happier.

Zak Khan - Day Writer Zak khan is a self-proclaimed professor of life and self development. If you’re up for a 30 day challenge to reboot your productivity and happiness, pay me a visit at

About the author 

Brendan Baker

Brendan Baker is Australia's leading personal development blogger and and helps people build and grow online businesses based on their passions. He has created the Launch Your Life Academy and Your First 1000 Subscribers. Connect with Brendan: Twitter, Facebook, Google+

Brendan Baker is Australia's leading personal development blogger and and helps people build and grow online businesses based on their passions. He has created the Launch Your Life Academy and Your First 1000 Subscribers. Connect with Brendan: Twitter, Facebook, Google+

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