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Barriers, obstacles and problems will appear on your journey through life; they are inevitable and even essential for personal growth. A big part of overcoming these is determined by your mindset.

A good mindset is about having the right beliefs, feelings and values that propel you towards living a happy and successful life. Do you want to know why being in a mastermind group will be great for your mindset and overcoming obstacles in your life?

Let me show you my view on what the right and wrong mindset is. Secondly, I will introduce to you the concept of a mastermind group. Then, I will then give 4 reasons why being in a mastermind group improves your mindset. Let’s get going!

Mastermind Group


The wrong and the right mindset

Having the wrong mindset is like carrying a backpack filled with heavy rocks while climbing to the top of a mountain. Every step up the mountain will feel difficult and heavy. You will get tired quickly and wear yourself out before you reach the top.

When you quit halfway, you might say something to yourself along the lines of: “There is no joy in trying to improve my climbing and every misstep makes me feel like a failure. I’m going to quit and do something else.”

Having the right mindset is like throwing off that backpack filled with heavy rocks. Throwing the backpack off is by itself a liberating experience. You start climbing again you feel the freedom of movement and the ease of which you can now climb the mountain.

The right mindset will enable you to climb the mountains in your life. A great example of a positive mindset is this article written on the Start of Happiness. I think that’s an awesome mindset to have.


Introducing the mastermind group concept

I said that a mastermind group can help improve your mindset. But what is a mastermind group? The definition of a mastermind group is:

A mastermind group is the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony. You help each other grow and reach goals in life.

The goal is to create an environment of mutual support and positive feedback where everybody helps each other with growing in life. It takes the “personal” out of personal development and turns it into “together development”, which is done with other people instead of alone during a mastermind group meeting. During this meeting everybody shares life challenges, experiences, success moments and new insights.

A mastermind group can be focused on specific goals like improving your health, building an online business, learning how to approach women or just general personal development.

During a meeting everybody openly shares their experiences, challenges, success moments and new insights from the past month. Everybody gives each other feedback and tries to think of solutions for certain problems.

People who are into personal development should definitely try and practise “together development” in a mastermind group. Why do it all alone if you can be in it together? It will help you achieve your goals faster and I would say that it is WAY more fun. I have experienced it myself.


Four reasons why a mastermind group improves your mindset

Starting your own mastermind group can change your life. It is really awesome to see what happens when a group of people come together to really help each other on a deeper level.

One of the benefits of being in a mastermind group is that it is a great place to change negative mindsets and strengthen positive mindsets. There are 4 reasons for this:


Reason 1: Mutual support and positive feedback improve and support positive mindsets

In the essence a mastermind group is about helping each other reach certain goals. The mutual support and positive feedback create a basis to change limiting mindsets and strengthen positive mindsets. Take the following example:

A group member shares that he failed at waking up early to work on his new business and that he failed at hooking up with a certain girl when he was out. He now feels a little bit less sure that he can do these things.

The other group members reassure him that he can make these things happen. He just needs the right strategy and the right advice and tools to help him succeed and tell him to keep going at it. He tries it again and and during the next meeting he shares that he succeeded at both.

In this example the mastermind group is clearly a support for the mindset that the group member can make these things happen. This form of positive social reinforcement from the mastermind group has a BIG impact on your mindset. We humans get influenced by our social environment a lot. Use that to your advantage.


Reason 2: The monthly mastermind group meeting is a habitual reinforcement of positive mindsets

If you do a monthly mastermind group you will create a habitual support for positive mindsets. In general people who want to join a mastermind group are highly motivated people who have a optimistic outlook on life. Through meeting them every month you “practice” the positive mindsets.

Practising certain positive mindsets and behaviours is very important and being in a mastermind group makes this habitual. Want more in depth reasons to why practising the correct things is great? Check out this article


Reason 3: You become more aware of your current mindsets and can therefore change them

By sharing your life, challenges and problems in an open way you become more aware of the way you think about your life. The monthly moment of reflection will make you conscious of certain mindsets that are holding you back.

You will see them yourself or other group members will point out your blind spots. That’s when you can CHANGE them. You can’t change what you are unaware of.


Reason 4: You can learn A LOT from the mindsets of the other mastermind group members

Other members will share their view on life, certain problems and how they solve them. A lot of the solutions to problems have to do with your mindset. You can learn a lot from others who think differently about your problems or challenges.

It can really shift your mindset on how to approach something in your life. The major strength is that you can get instant feedback on how others would go about solving the issues you are facing.


Together development with your own mastermind group

I am a big advocate of taking the “personal” out of personal development. I believe a lot of personal development content focuses too much on the individual; they neglect the power of growing together with other people.

Being part of a mastermind group and practicing “together development” is great for you mindset, but has many more benefits. Three examples are:

  • Having a peer group that will support each other no matter what is a powerful source of positive energy in your life. It is more than just being “good friends”. You become a team.
  • Working together to reach certain goals will get you there faster; you don’t have to figure out all the answers by yourself. Doing it together is a smart thing to do.
  • It will accelerate your personal growth in ways that you could never do alone. One good example is becoming a more open person, because you get used to openly sharing your life with other people.


Want to know how to start your own mastermind group?

We have written a free ebook: “The Mastermind Handbook: how to accelerate your personal growth by starting a mastermind group” that can help you with this.

There are some pitfalls to starting your own mastermind group and the ebook will help you set up a successful mastermind group. The ebook contains the story of our own mastermind group called “Amstermind”, a more thorough explanation of the mastermind group concept and its benefits.

It also contains the 6 steps you can follow to set up your own mastermind group and the form we fill in prior to the meeting and discuss during the meeting. You can download your free copy of the ebook here:

Get your free copy of The Mastermind Handbook.

About the author 

Thomas Murrary

My name is Thomas Murray. I’m part of Amstermind, which is the name of our mastermind group from Amsterdam, and our personal development website. We promote the mastermind group concept, because we want people to know how a mastermind group can boost the quality of their life. With our collective knowledge and experience we also help people improve their dating life, beat procrastination, build a healthy lifestyle and general personal development. Want to learn more about us? Visit our website at and grab your free Mastermind Handbook.

Brendan Baker is Australia's leading personal development blogger and and helps people build and grow online businesses based on their passions. He has created the Launch Your Life Academy and Your First 1000 Subscribers. Connect with Brendan: Twitter, Facebook, Google+

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  3. No doubt that taking part in a mastermind is part of your success launch. Henry Ford was one of the fore-fathers who coined this phrase when he started Ford motor co. The story about this is written in Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich’. It’s a profound concept that unfortunately is not taught anywhere in our education system.

    Thank goodness I learned about this years ago otherwise who knows where I’d be today. It’s important to note too that you can still be part of a mastermind group without being “physically” in one. The idea is to be careful with who you associate with and get around people who inspire you and support you.

    Great write up!

  4. As someone currently involved with a couple of Mastermind groups I agree they’re helpful to developing the right mindset for what you want to achieve. I also like the way they can stretch our boundaries and help us think bigger, certainly in terms of business.

    The support and encouragement is important, but for me the number one benefit of Masterminds is the accountability factor. Knowing you are going to be reporting back on your goals gives one that little extra bit of motivation (or sometimes a big push!).

      1. Hi Kathryn 🙂 Nice to see more mastermind group fans, because it is such a great tool that everybody should know about. I also like the accountability part, which is also one of the many reasons why we would recommend starting your own group.

        Are you in a business mastermind group or more personal development related Kathryn? 🙂

        1. Thanks for your reply and question Thomas. The groups I’m currently involved in are more business focussed (predominantly business women) but because of the nature of the groups there is some personal development thrown in.

          I hadn’t really thought of looking for a group that was more personal development oriented – which is quite funny when that’s the field I’m in! You’ve given me something to think about.

  5. First off,

    Damn you Brendan. Take almost a month off without a word of warning. I hope everything is okay, but you made me worry. Kept visiting and no new posts. Glad I got one today : D.

    I love the idea of a mastermind group and can understand the benefits you laid out. I have been part of therapy groups and they have been helpful, but now that I am in a better place, I can see how a mastermind group can push me to the next level. I’ll have to be on the lookout for joining one.

    1. Thanks, Seb 🙂 I was actually over in the USA for business and had very little time/connectivity to the internet to do be around here!

      Agreed, I love Tom’s approach on Masterminds… it really is about teamwork and accountability. Multiple heads are better than one!


      1. That makes sense. I hope you enjoyed your time in the US of A! I also hope that the drop in traffic wasn’t too big of a decrease from the time away.

      2. Thanks Brendan 🙂 It is really all about teamwork and accountability. Are you going to start one just like Sebas? :p

    2. Nice to hear that you love the idea of a mastermind group. We have had great experiences with our group and we can recommend everybody to start one, since it really accelerates your personal growth. Take the time and build one, even though it might be hard to find the right people, and get that teamwork going! 🙂

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