I quit my job to travel

On the 18th of October 2013 I walked out the doors of my 10 + year job. It was also 2 days before my 30th birthday.

One week later I left the country for 6 months.

I didn’t just wake up and think “Right I have to get out of here” like some people out there. I did a little bit of planning.


Why I Quit My Job

Why would I quit a good paying job with security?

I needed some freedom. Even if it was only for 6 months, I needed to experience what it was like to not have to wake up to an alarm and be able to go do what I wanted to do, for an extended period.

I wanted to try this entrepreneurial life out. When I was 22 I started buying real estate in the hopes of realising my dreams of living the life of an entrepreneur. I have a small income from my portfolio but no where near enough to live off in Australia. Which brings me to…

I wanted to travel the world. I put off world travel until I was 28 while I was trying to build up my property portfolio so I was itching to get out there and explore what the world has to offer. So I thought why not try and bootstrap my income in another country and try ‘living the life’ overseas ?


What Challenges Did I Face?

Plenty. After a few weeks I noticed it can be lonely. I was blogging like a madman and trying to write my first book while living in dorm rooms.

Not the ideal location for that sort of thing. You’d think that you couldn’t be lonely in a dorm room, but I’m talking about a different kind of lonely.

The kind of lonely where your not doing what everyone else is doing. It can be like your on a completely different wave length. Other people are out partying while your writing your heart out.

It’s also hard work doing anything entrepreneurial. Your doing the uncommon. Your going against the crowd. Your doing what 99% of the population don’t.

Small cash flow also meant I had to be careful with my money and how I spent it. Certain countries made this not so hard, others it felt like I was bleeding money. I made sure to stick to as many cheaper countries as I could to experience this life as long as possible.


What Have I Learned?

I absolutely love this lifestyle! I’d love to say I couldn’t go back to the normal 9-5 but the truth is I am going to.

Why? Because I love this lifestyle so much that I want to do it more. I want that freedom. I want that hard work. Because it is so damn rewarding.

But the biggest reason is, I want to buy more real estate so I can build up my passive income and continue this journey. I will go back to the Monday to Friday, because I know that if I put in another year or two or three of hard work then I can make this lifestyle PERMANENT.

I’ve also learnt that you DON’T need tonnes of money to be happy, mostly because I didn’t. But if you’re willing to move to a cheaper country even just for a month or three you can make your money last up to 4 times longer.

If you moved somewhere like Thailand for a short period you can survive on a few hundred dollars a week if you want. And you won’t be living a shitty lifestyle either, you’d be surprised at the kind of existence you can live for a whole lot less than your home country.

I’ve learned that you need to work hard and relentlessly. You absolutely need to live and breath whatever your project is. DO NOT GIVE UP.

Every day you need to be doing something towards your dream no matter how small or big.


How Has My Life Changed?

I now think about things differently. The biggest difference is, I really appreciate what I have now more than ever.

I’ve realised after travelling through a lot of third world countries that I have more than a lot of people. I am very thankful for what I have, so many many people are much worse off.

One of the biggest things I’ve realised is that this life is POSSIBLE!

It took me a while to work up the guts to take the step towards this kind of lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier for doing it.

Even if you can just try living the entrepreneurial lifestyle for a few months you mind is going to open up to a whole new world of opportunities.

You’ll realise the freedom, the creativity and the choices you can make. You’ll wake up with a grin on your face knowing that today, you can do whatever you want.


What Tips Do I Have For You?


About a year ago I started experimenting with putting a date on things that I wanted to do and make them happen.

Well it works.

You just have to stick to it. Do NOT move that date. Make it and then do everything in your power to get what you need done by that time.

Quitting your job is not the end of the world.

It really isn’t. As long as you have at least some skills then you can get another job. If you really, really need one you’ll get one.

There is a certain amazing feeling with cutting the strings to your job. That word is one of the most important in my vocabulary; FREEDOM.

A pile of cash is a pile of options.

Make sure that if you decide to go down this path that you have some financial back up behind you. Have a comfortable amount of cash in the bank that if things turn sour and the world starts collapsing your going to be fine for a while.

Money is power. You don’t need millions, just enough for peace of mind. Stressing about a lack of it will be the death of you.


As Nike says you just have to do it. You’ve just got to take that step and trust yourself and be confident. If everything came falling down you can always recover.

How do I know you will?

Because you have to.

I think the same thing sometimes, if things are going bad I just remind myself that this will pass and I will get through it. I am strong and I will come out the other side even stronger.

So, if you’re chasing a big goal, whatever it is, stick to your guns. Don’t let people tell you you can’t do it. Focus and work relentlessly.

You have only one life, make the most of it.

“If you want to live like no one else then start living like no one else”



About the author 

Adrian Landsberg

Adrian Landsberg started The Lifestyle Compound for his love of entrepreneurship and travel. In October 2103 he quit his job of ten years to chase his dream of going on a multi-country, bucket list smashing mission. Recently he has bungee jumped naked, walked the most dangerous hike in the world and trekked to Mount Everest Base camp. Adrian enjoys writing about building passive income, self improvement, travelling and living a life full of fun and passion. Visit me here.

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  1. Good on you Adrian for taking the leap.

    I did the same a year ago (even though I had already travelled and had similar experience to you). I was a slow learner, however now I’m at the other side, I don’t ever want to go back.

    The 9-5 grind is for some people, but it certainly ain’t for Aussie’s like you and I. Time to live and work on our own terms eh?

    Cheers, and all the best to you.

    Jason Townsend – http://www.kickstartacause.com

  2. I get impressed from you. It is not a bad thing to quit a job. There are many alternatives in which you have not to visit your office on regular basis like freelancing and affiliate marketing.

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  4. Hi Adrian,
    It’s a fact that we must hold enough in our reserves for the lean period when w are out there,plugging
    away at the keyboards,and the brains.
    Its a lonely street,and it gets longer when you don’t reach your destination gates soon.
    Being on the go- that’s a great way of looking at life yet it needs moolah.
    Thanks for the news of your travels.

    1. So right Mona, having enough money for emergencies and right periods is paramount to success.

      It is definitely about the destination but we can’t forget about the journey too!

  5. Great story!

    It’s awesome that when you went travelling you also used it as a vehicle for writing. Travel can be amazing, but using it as an opportunity to experience and grow is harder than people make out. Kudos for your amazing sounding trip!

    1. Thanks heaps Nick! Yeh your right travelling and writing is a hard combination but also a great one because you get so much inspiration:)

  6. Hey Phil,

    That’s awesome man! Amazing that you did that and your right about it being lonely sometimes. Just how it is eh.

    Thanks for the praise. And don’t worry, work hard and we will make it!

  7. Good for you! Being different can sure be lonely but also remember that you are more awesome because of that. You’ll be the happiest if you can manage to be content with being alone and view other’s people company as a plus.

    When I was 20 I decided to travel alone to London for a week. Not only have I never traveled alone before, I was going to a country I’ve never visited, whose language was secondary to me, where I didn’t know anybody. I’ve never even been on a plane before.

    Everybody thought I was crazy but I was confident, and saw it as a test of my independence. I was never lonely because I would chat up people on the streets.

    Your feat was substantially more demanding but I’m hoping to follow in your steps in the future. Good luck!

  8. Hi Joshua,

    Thanks mate, well I hope that when you take the leap you don’t have to go back to work!

    Hawaii is on my list too, it looks like an amazing place. Good luck on getting there soon!

  9. Adrian,

    What an inspiring story. I often thought about going out on a limb and leaving my day-job, but like you, when I do it I want it to be for good. For now I am getting ducks in a row to one day have that freedom. I know it’s not too long in coming.

    That being said, I see the learning experience you had was certainly worth it. If I had my choice, I’d go to Hawaii for 6 months.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and insight.

  10. Hi Adrian,

    I love your story. It is very inspiring. I can totally relate to that feeling when I decided to quit my university education to pursue my dream of working from home and being in business for myself. It was a tough decision since I am going against the norm of getting a good education and getting a good job. Fast forward a few years now, I am thankful that I made that decision since I now enjoy working from home. Most importantly, I do not have to squeeze with other people in the public transport and report to a boss every morning. I feel great!


    1. Edmund –

      That is awesome dude! I am hoping to be at that point in a few years too. Not reporting to a boss would be the best thing.

      How did you go about getting to that point?

  11. Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for the kind words mate!
    It really was the trip of a lifetime.

    I still don’t have enough ‘passive’ income yet to survive off here in Australia but that’s what I’m working hard on now.

    Good to hear your working on your own goals of being able to build your own sustainable income.

    Keep at it and keep the fire in te belly and you’ll get there!

  12. You did something that most people would only dream of doing. I give you props for that. It is true that you can survive on a lot less than you expect. I hope that you put in that hard work and earn enough passive income to make the dream come true. That is my dream. To be self-sufficient and not have to work for others. Thanks for the inspiration mate!

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